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Why activewear is gaining momentum


Sportswear or activewear is clothing, including footwear, worn for sport or physical exercise. Sport-specific clothing is worn for most sports and physical exercise, for practical, comfort or safety reasons. As we all know, activewear is not a new product, but in the past, people only regarded activewear as functional products. Now, more and more people will tend to choose more fashionable sportswear, which will be a trend. According to the International Fashion Fair, Europe and the Americas have always been sport-loving regions. There is also a huge market that you should not ignore, and that is China. Now more and more Chinese people are beginning to value sports. It is a good choice to participate in the CHIC Shanghai to promote your sportswear to China.

Everlane is getting into the sustainable activewear game with its latest launch: the Perform Legging.

According to an announcement from the brand, Everlane aimed to make a high-quality legging at an affordable price. While most leggings average at 100 USD per pair, the direct-to-consumer brand’s newest product retails for 58 USD. Everlane's Perform Legging is designed to be a staple for its wearers in and out of the gym as a wear-anywhere piece.

The Perform Legging — which is made with a minimal amount of seaming for optimal comfort — features premium Italian fabric for “lightweight compression and technical sweat-wicking properties.” The fabric is also made up of 58 percent recycled nylon and dyed at a facility certified by Bluesign, avoiding harsh chemicals. Everlane, the brand known for its timeless, affordable basics, joins brands like Girlfriend, Athleta, and others in the movement for sustainable activewear—a result in the growing trend for leisurewear.

January is traditionally a good month for activewear, because of all the people eager to start their fitness goals for the new year. But the category is gaining momentum, leading market analysts to predict it will move beyond the “new year, new me” boost and establish itself as a strong category the whole year. Allied Market Research predicts the global activewear market to reach 547 billion US dollars by 2024. Here are four reasons why:

Fast fashion brands are increasing their activewear offering

Long gone are the days when consumers had to go to a sportswear retailer to buy their gym outfits. Today, fast fashion giants like H&M and Primark have designated activewear corners, and retailers like Old Navy, Nordstrom (with its own brand Zella) and American Eagle Outfitters have been consistently increasing their activewear assortment, offering products at more accessible price points, according to retail data analysis firm Edited. Additionally, Nasty Gal and Tommy Hilfiger have both launched new activewear lines.

In a seemingly crowded market, what can retailers do to differentiate themselves? According to Edited, the answer is simple: catering to the eco-conscious consumer. Only a few weeks into 2020, repurposed materials are at the forefront, with new activewear arrivals described as "recycled" up 642 percent for men and 388 percent for women, year-on-year. Athleta just announced a line of sustainable leggings, for example.

The rise of “wellness”

A considerable number of consumers are looking to have a healthy lifestyle, inspired by “wellness” influencers like Gwyneth Paltrow. Self-care is the word of the day. Yoga apparel is a subcategory within activewear which has been benefiting from this trend. Brands like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour have been investing heavily in their yoga collections, and Canadian label Lululemon, best known for its yoga pants, is rising so fast it is expanding to new categories such as footwear and beauty. There are 85 percent more yoga products in stock year-on-year at pure play active retailers in the US, with the number of men's items increasing by 26 percent, which is a huge opportunity for retailers to capitalize on.

Plus-size movement reaches the activewear segment

Thanks to the body positivity movements, many brands have expanded their sizing and/or launched plus-size lines. According to Edited, this trend is also responsible for part of the growth of the activewear segment. Target, for example, has launched a collection called All in Motion, which caters to sizes XS to 4X for women and S to 3X for men. Expect more and more retailers to realize plus-size consumers are active too.

Men's sportswear be valued

A well-established story in womenswear, the movement toward wellness is now trickling into men’s trends. Highly characterized by an already popular athleisure influence, activewear brands like Lululemon are putting a higher focus on menswear. Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth are also promoting the growing trend. Yoga apparel will continue to be important as it combines both fitness and mindfulness.

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