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The new retail scene is more interesting


How to transform traditional stores into smart stores and get customers accurately? How to increase customer conversion rate? How to realize the marketing of big data in offline physical stores? In this regard, the main lecturer of the CHIC lecture hall, Mr. Li Mei, who is fashionable in Beijing, has his own solution: "as a traditional channel provider, we should focus on how to obtain a source of customers online and form a new retail sales network that integrates online and offline, from a porter of goods to a 'fashion buyer.'"


"The traditional clothing retail man must have big data thinking, based on the business requirement, utilize the big data means, and insight into user's behavior and their consumption psychology, so as to provide the product and the service which can move the customer, to build the whole consumption scene on the line of the line based on the user's consumption habit. And the line-on-line data of the line is opened for analysis by the decision maker." Li Mei, referring to the current new marketing model, is more likely to fuse the data under the line, referring to the core of the new retail of the entity's store transformation is to make full use of the Internet technical means, to re-build a new shopping scene integrated with the line, and to provide the new retail age wisdom for consumers with a brand-new experience Store.


The lecture also analyzed the cases of Dacanon, Luckin Coffee and other scenic shops in France, as well as the analysis and comment on the actual cases of many international brands. The outstanding merchants on the spot listened to the particularly careful, vivid and interesting cases, new and original views, and enriched the detailed content to win frequent applause from the audience. In the process of propaganda, many merchants and lecturers actively interact, and we all say that the theme of the lecture hall is the concern of their retail stores at present, and many of them not only open up their marketing thinking, but also play a good guiding role in the difficulties encountered in the actual operation. The building is in charge. People said that this lecture is a good "brain washing course" for clothing people. Only by understanding the most advanced concepts in the industry can we enhance business awareness and drive the development of the whole regional market.




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