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Look at your face first and then spend it


Consumers are attracted to smart robots to walk into stores, but seemingly simple actions have long been captured by digital systems in the store. Big data, derived from consumer shopping behavior, helps stores serve customers more accurately.


The analysis data that traditional stores can rely on is basically based on POS system. In the new era, intelligent stores should use artificial intelligence equipment, series people, goods and places to have information, and through background collation, a variety of application systems should be derived to help stores improve sales efficiency.


Guangzhou Yadang Software Development Co., Ltd. launched the physical store digital product "Yadang store treasure", which can collect and upload all the behavior data of clothing stores to the cloud platform, in-depth analysis of passenger flow, moving line hot area, customer characteristics, advertising attention and other aspects, to provide a set of comprehensive and professional solutions for physical retailers.


Taking face recognition as an example, Li Weiqiao, an elegant technology CEO, introduced the most advanced intelligent technology in the market at present. "What is installed in front of the store is not an ordinary camera, but a robot that can be measured automatically." The camera grabs the consumer face information to send to the cloud to compare to detect the consumer once to the store information. How many times have you been here and the purchase record can provide one-on-one "endorsement" for the purchase guide in only 5 seconds.


"The technology is particularly dependent on the online environment. It can judge the quality of the photo, with a delay rate of less than five seconds, 100 times faster than that of its peers." Li Weiqiao said. As soon as the customer enters the door, the guide can begin to prepare the accurately recommended goods.


Door information capture is just the beginning. After entering the store, the intelligent device collects the consumer behavior, the tracking of the commodity RFID electronic price tag and the valuable big data form the "elegant quantity store treasure" backstage 14 big system. Station digitization system, commodity digitization system, regional commodity attention analysis system, VIP management system, sucker drainage system, Mini Programs online and offline purchase system provide landing solutions for clothing brands.




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