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CHIC Lecture Hall radiates Northeast China


On June 13, CHIC came to Jilin Far East Garment Building. With the attention and expectation of senior management personnel and excellent merchants, CHIC2019 (autumn) Exhibition, as the starting point, took the theme of ''Scenario Marketing in the New Retail Age'' as the main line, bringing us a new retail ''depth strategy''. How to set up the thinking of scenarious marketing? Lectures round the key sales indicators, store scene reconstruction, commodity structure sorting, transaction line design, market display improvement, sales market atmosphere promotion six parts to carry out, and it's a big round of applause in the scene.


Jilin far East clothing Building is a large modern professional clothing building, which is the landmark of the far East Group. The number of shops in the building is nearly 300, covering an area of 3000 square meters. The main products are middle and high-end wholesale or retail men's wear, women's clothing, accessories and shoes and so on. This is the largest clothing market in Changchun, in which more than 90% of the merchants are Jilin Province general agent or regional general agent. It is precisely because it plays a vital role in the garment industry of Jilin Province that this CHIC lecture hall entered Northeast for the first time and chose the lecture here for the first time. It is also hoped that it will radiate the clothing market in Northeast China and make it more Many agents feel the specialty and resources of China International Garment Expo.


CHIC organizers introduced CHIC2019 (autumn) at the scene, and participants also showed great interest in the largest clothing fair in Asia. As an integrated business platform, such as business negotiation, channel expansion, resource integration and so on, CHIC is an indispensable promoter in the development of clothing brands and enterprises, and is also the largest platform for mining more business opportunities. Key merchants in the building have said they will organize groups to visit CHIC2019 (autumn) and will be able to find more like-minded brands and partners at the exhibition.




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