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One fashion is ''putting on summer''


When it comes to summer elements, such as flowers, fruits, tropical customs and so on, everything is so relaxed and cheerful. If you wear these elements on the body, they look like playful and lively and at the same time have an unique flavor.


Flowers blooming like a piece of brocade


Born like summer flowers, summer is a season of flowers. Whether it is fresh and elegant broken flowers, or large printing, they are matching patterns with summer. Wearing such a beautiful dress, as if summer flowers are with you all the way.


Flower element is also one of the favorite elements of international brands, blooming in the hands of designers on the fashion week stage.


Fruit feast


Watermelon, pineapple, cherry summer are the season of fruit explosion, and fruit printing is full of interest and fashion at the same time. With a full of fruit elements to go to a summer fruit feast, is really it not very happy? Lovely fruit T-shirt, fruit shirt, which is simple and easy to match, is one of the indispensable items of fashion talent.


Fruit elements were also taken by Gucci to this year's Paris Fashion week.


They are not only the clothing print, and the fruit elements are also widely used in the accessories, to become the unique and playful fashion jewelry.


Tropical breath


In the hot summer, going to the seaside coconut tree blowing sea breeze cool really comfortable and experiencing tropical lush rainforest landscape are also very interesting. Putting these tropical elements on your body as if you were in a holiday paradise all the time.


Tropical elements of enthusiasm and rich in color also become a frequent visitor to major fashion weeks.


Summer is a vibrant, inclusive, open and interesting season. Summer fashion can be described as colorful.



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