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Exploring the intimate and comfortable style of women wear


Intimate comfort is one of the three themes of WGSN 2020 /21 autumn and winter. Exploring the changing relationship between individuals and families, as well as the new role of fashion in it.


Pioneer architect Le Corbusier first proposed that "housing is a machine to live at home," which was not out of date at all in 2021. Nowadays, home is increasingly becoming part of the multifunctional life system.


In 2021, our home will become multifunctional, and our clothes will become multifunctional, while meeting the needs of work, leisure and play.


Dance costume


The elegance of ballet brings inspiration and gives birth to sexy, elegant and convenient dress.


Focusing on ergonomic design that fits the body curve, modular superimposed comfort advanced foundation is the key. Using fine needle and wool blend knitting to create comfort, soft tone super fashion knitting exudes luxury.


Exploring mixed windbreaker products to blend slippers with more advanced elements.


Folding form


Folds and exquisite folding emerge, and handmade is more popular than machine making.


Kepler, a new brand, goes beyond the structure of pleated skirts and uses folding forms for sleeves to update quantitative styles.






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