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Different styles of elegant women wear


Soft carving style


The conversation about physical inclusiveness is becoming more and more intense, and the feminization form is highly respected.


The curved structure is soft and unrestrained, fitting the body rather than creating a sense of tension. Engraving style is suitable for shoes and accessories, giving an unique artistic atmosphere.


Chakshyn reinterprets the tannin truck driver's jacket with a wide version.


A new sense of comfort


With the rise of indoor clothing, practical and fashionable comfortable advanced basic funds have become the focus.


Fabric is the key. The scratch velvet, plush and soft yarn create a satisfying tone, and rope socks exude luxury. A shapeless form that engulfs, surrounds, or folds around the torso to give rise to a sense of health protection.


Upgrade minimalism


The theme of the dress is inspired by the cutting of famous experts and the use of classic fabrics that transcend the market.


Abandoning sequins and magnificent traditional party costumes, and focusing on advanced fabrics and modern structures. Using bubble yarn jacquard to enhance the texture of satin and silk instead of printed evening dress.


Evening home service


From bar to bed, casual home clothes are suitable for the whole night.


Exaggerated A-character format brings very comfortable single products, focusing quilting, wrinkling, fastening and other retro details.


Soft retro


Through fashion lenses and color cuts, retro printing, eye-catching geometry and furniture flowers become modern.




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