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Styles of children's clothing


With the upgrading of consumption and the liberalization of the second-child policy, the children's clothing market is expanding. The fashion, science and technology, design, quality have become the key words of children's clothing. Fashion collocation, trendy design, scientific and technological fabrics are also promoting the innovation and upgrading of the children's clothing industry.


Water adorable angel


Many children are born to like to play water, so the beach and water park are the best place to go. The weather in June is already hot, so putting on the cute little swimsuit to enjoy playing in the cool water is really happy.




COFNA has cute pattern design and creative fashion style, and its children's swimsuit fabric also uses high-strength UV-resistant fabric, efficient chlorine-resistant fabric, omni-directional care for children's health, fashion safety.


Fresh and lovely fruit, cartoon patterns, with bow and skirt design, look like cute and vivid.


The Fan of formal dress


More and more cultural and recreational activities enrich the lives of children. Whether it is children's stage plays, musicals or all kinds of party activities, it will break out during the Children's Day International Children's Day. Attending such an occasion is also the beginning of cultivating children to become "little gentlemen" and "little ladies".


Piccolo RE


Piccolo RE rigorous craftsmanship and elegant style perfectly display of the character of the little gentleman, to open up a new field for children and adolescents dress aesthetics .


A nice suit, with small leather shoes or shoes, is perfect for a gentleman.




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