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Design for numbers


With the continuous integration of digital and analog world, consumers spend more time and money on the Internet. Focusing on design and development will gradually surpass the previous website optimization and marketing, and become one of the core of digital strategy.


The digital exhibition hall has received constant attention in recent quarters. Carlings's Neo-Ex capsule line abandons physical clothing, with digital tailor changing selfies uploaded by consumers.


With the outbreak of online games, the potential for business cooperation is obvious. A Bathing Ape teamed up with PUBG to become the first fashion brand to sell products in free games by charging for "skin change" for game characters.


Recently, the first artificial intelligence painting to break into the art market was auctioned for $435000 by Christie's. The core algorithm comes from Robbie Barrat, a 19-year-old Stanford prodigy. He has a passion for Balenciaga and has made a splash in the news of "designing" new shapes for Balenciaga through digital technology based on existing seasonal images.

The future of digital design is still in its infancy, and now is a good time to try, and this field will usher in rapid development.



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