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A probe into the way of male ecommerce


Ecommerce platforms around men's business rose as early as 2013 and 14 years ago, but soon they disappeared. At that time, most people aimed at the field of clothing collocation.


In 2014, a male cross-border ecommerce platform called XY began to rise, which mainly provide male consumers with one-stop daily necessities solutions to guide men's high-end lifestyles. However, facts have proved that Lou Jun is still out of sight. For the domestic consumer market in 2014, XY is still too ahead of schedule.


After receiving millions of dollars in funding led by Chenxing Capital and IDG in 2016, XY has no more new financing. XY is also fading out of sight. This is the embarrassing situation that the Chinese male ecommerce market faces at that time.


Even if the current development is not bad "available", in the first few years, it also struggled.


The GMV of the available platform reached 3.4 billion yuan in 2017 and its GMV growth rate reached 50 percent in 2018. Liang Chao revealed that the average sales growth of goods in the past three years is 50% to 100%.


Among them, male users contribute the vast majority of sales. At present, the ratio of registered users of men to women with cargo platforms is 6 / 4, but in terms of consumer users, the ratio of men to women is 7.5 / 2.5.


In addition, Liang Chao said, the frequency of the male user's purchase is not as good as the female, but the unit price of the passenger is higher, the loyalty is also better, and the rate of re-purchase is 25% higher than that of female, Liang Chao said.


After getting the E round of financing led by C capital, YOHOO! Accelerated their own expansion in the whole channel. At present, in addition to online ecommerce platform, there are also two offline trendy brand stores in Nanjing and Shanghai.


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