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New department and buyers


Lien Carver, I.T., Joyce. Mature buyers make more consumers feel the diversity of fashion, and more buyers and buyers are making fresh water in China's fashion industry.


According to relevant industry sources, at present, about 80% of shopping malls and shopping malls in China are directly operated by brands, while the remaining 10% and 20% are self-owned stores opened by shopping malls with brand agency power. Self-employed shopping shops also belong to this list. Ruo Department Store Assembleby Reel,SKP 's SKP Select, UnionPay the balancing, Yintai owned by the West, JI Hood, and so on, have become the traditional department store actively introduced into the transformation of the store test water.


The establishment of shopping malls and the entry of buyers' shops have attracted the favor of more consumers who pursue personality. The new model of in-store stores also provides consumers with a broader choice of goods-many brands choose to launch new products or open their first stores in handshops, such as JW Anderson's partnership with Converse, which will launch at SKP in late May. The clothing, which is purchased by the professional buyers, is also more sensitive to the consumer's appetite.


For some niche brands and new designers, shopping shops have also opened up opportunities for them to enter the mall. For example, GR8, a Japanese buyer, provides a display cabinet for the French jewelry brand JC, while Vltn's earrings can only be bought at the "Mingtang" buyer's shop. The niche and unique brand not only gives buyers and shopping malls more characteristics, also let consumers have the cognition of personality shopping.


"All the goods in the shop are hand-picked, and they tend to introduce a series of matching pieces that make it easy for consumers to build their own style." Said the ashes of a hand shop said, "the goods buy the shop compare with the individual, but I buy the clothes is to be new, and I don't want to hit the shirt!"



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