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Vegetable Fibre


Piñatex ®pineapple leaf fiber plant leather, BLOOM™ seaweed flexible sponge foam and citrus peel fiber. Do you think it's environmentally friendly? At the same time, it's a little hard to believe. However, the extraction of fiber from plants for fabric textile has set off a "pure vegetarian" trend in the fashion world.


Tong Liya became the spokesman of H / M spring environmental protection series in Greater China, and the new clothes she was wearing also chose environmental protection fabrics.


H&M2019 released the Spring Environmental conscious Action limit Series (H&M Conscious Exclusive Spring 2019), in addition to plant fiber, it also use sustainable materials, including recycled polyester fiber, sustainable cotton, flax, silk, TENCEL silk blending and so on.


ICICLE has also been focusing on the concept of natural environmental protection in the industry. In addition to cotton, hemp, silk, wool and other natural raw materials, it also use a variety of new environmental protection materials as fabrics, such as soybeans, bamboo, corn, colored cotton, organic cotton and so on. At the same time, ICICLE also uses vegetable and grain dyeing and finishing dye technology to further reduce the negative impact on the environment.



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