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Joint sales magic


In recent years, when it comes to joint names, many people will think of Supreme, which will be sold out forever. The red-and-white-letter logo can be called a joint printing machine. Supreme and RIMOWA's co-operative suitcase created 34 seconds of sold-out results. LV x Supreme's co-operation was hailed by celebrities, with half-year sales of up to 100000000 euros. Supreme's chopsticks were robbed in 30 seconds on the official website. The joint New York Post was snapped up for printing and newspaper printing.


The magic of a successful co-name is that it allows stores that sell aj shoes to line up in the early hours of the morning, to paralyze IKEA's website by OFF WHITE fans, and to raise the $1-dollar New York Times to $40 for "New York Paper". It can even feed the whole scalper industry chain of joint brand second channel dealers.


Indeed, brand co-naming is the most common marketing method used by brands, and goods that can show the added value of multiple brands in a variety of forms will make consumers more impulsive, faster, and more willing to pay for it. It also makes young people shout "chop hands" again and again!


Childhood memory killing, game images, animation characters, superheroes... However, the brand is the ultimate move for young people, especially the post-80s and post-90s consumer groups, their consumption intention is not difficult to guess: it seems that they just choose to buy a commodity, but they are thinking about a sense of belonging and identity and pay for a touch of childhood memories.



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