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Eco-friendly fabric


Reformation, an environmentally friendly brand known for its cool, uses renewable or environmentally friendly fabrics for all its ready-to-wear clothes. Such as pure natural renewable fiber silk, modal, flax, Recover regenerated cotton and so on, but environmental protection at the same time fashion degree is no less than other fashion brands.


Fashion brand THEORY launched a new environmental protection series of GOOD LINEN, in March 2019 using eco-fabric-organic certified flax for natural growth, degradable viscose, and globally recyclable and recognized spandex, which ensures quality while taking into account sustainable development.


With the continuous development of science and technology, environmental protection materials are more in line with the needs of the society, and fashion circle has never been lack of creativity and subversion, environmental protection×fashion is bound to become more and more love harmony, with the pursuit of vitality brand innovation posture.


CHIC, which has always been at the forefront of innovation, has been promoting the development of industry green and environmental protection for nearly two years in line with the new orientation of "science and technology, fashion and green" in line with the new position of "science and technology, fashion, green" industry. It is moving towards youth, fashion, technology, green development direction continues to upgrade.



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