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Co-operation of IP's "Cultural Laboratory"


Camellia PEACRBIRD? You didn't hear wrong. Just after the 2019 New year, the two brands launched a series of joint names. Chinese knots, lanterns, double-happy characters and other lively patterns are only made up of pixels and look lovely and stylish. The traditional Chinese culture and the most talked about young culture seamless converge. Taiping bird and tea, in fact, is using jump hue and personality to constantly enrich the trend culture.


Besides, the 600-year-old cultural IP has done too much recently. The Imperial Palace Museum's cultural and creative cooperation lipstick, which has been brushed in moments, has sold millions of tubes so far. Lipstick tube body design comes from the Imperial Palace Museum collection of concubine clothing and embroidery, and the color number is Lang Yao red, maple leaf red, blue seal color, rose purple. So high-end cultural and creative small objects, fashion people can not buy a few more tubes of "home hide"?


It is not difficult to see that the cultural meaning of the joint name is getting stronger and stronger, from the simple exchange of LOGO names, such as the unattended nike and acronym outdoor shoes, to the use of IP careless designs, such as the popularity of white rabbits and American plus net cooperative lipstick. Designers, cartoonists, screenwriters, and even museum scholars are constantly opening their minds in the "Culture Laboratory," and the IP products created are more likely to infect young consumers: anyway, why not wear a sense of design? Why not wear your favorite bean image?


Creative groups feed more young consumers, and when they digest the heat of this wave of products, what will the brand come up with? This requires that brands become younger, more stylish and more in,-like, from the perspective of young consumer groups, and committed to promoting clothing brands and culture of the China International clothing and clothing Expo (CHIC), is also a continuous "young people."



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