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The scale of Women's Wear Market continues to expand


International brand women's wear market has more than a hundred years history, and Chinese women's wear brand management road is from the late 1980s. From the beginning of 90's, China's clothing began to take the brand road. At that time, with the reform and opening up to the outside world, the door gradually opened, and a variety of Western clothing brands also continuously entered China, because at that time domestic clothing enterprises did not pay enough attention to the concept of brand. The domestic high-end clothing market is almost occupied by foreign brands. Domestic clothing enterprises see this situation, so they have followed suit, quickly joined the ranks of brand clothing, and formed a domestic women's clothing enterprises.


Chinese brand women's wear market, like the Chinese economy, started late, but has very rapid development. In many years, it experienced casual wear-high-end women's clothing-girls little Sook-fast fashion-the emergence and development of online clothing brands. High-end women's wear brand appeared after 1990, although after nearly 30 years of development, the development speed is also relatively fast, but due to the development characteristics of high-end women's clothing, it is still a large market and a small brand pattern. The brand effect is far less pronounced than men's wear.


Women's clothing brands and styles of diversification promote the development of fashion. As a result of the general promotion of women's educational level, the increase in the proportion of women's employment and the continuous improvement of their social status, their economic independence, their right to speak in the family and their decision-making power continue to increase, and the demand for consumption also continues to increase. It has also become a new opportunity for the recovery of the women's clothing industry. Among the female consumer population, the main consumer group is 20-49 years old, among them, 25-34-year-old women have both strong consumption ability and consumption demand, and the proportion of women in this age group has a large increase in China.


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