Inner Mongolia Cashmere Products Co.Ltd

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  • Company Name: Inner Mongolia Cashmere Products Co.Ltd
  • Brand Name: 赛罕安达
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  • Address:呼和浩特市如意开发区西蒙奈伦广场2号楼A座五层
Product Category: 正装 Business Formal ,商务休闲装 Business Casual,轻奢女装 Light Luxury,大淑女装 Mature Women's Wear,中淑女装 Middle Aged Women's Wear,快时尚女装 Fast Fashion Women's Wear,设计师品牌 Designer's Label,设计工作室 Design Studio,SHOWROOM(多品牌代理机构),女装定制 Tailoring Women’s Wear
Business Demand: 加盟商/代理商/经销商 Franchising,交货周期 Order Cycle Time-现货Immediate order,交货周期 Order Cycle Time-订货Pre-order goods,起订金额 Minimum Order Amount-0-5万元0-50 Thousand RMB,起订金额 Minimum Order Amount-5-10万元50-100 Thousand RMB,客户类型-批发商 Customer type- Wholesaler,客户类型-百货商超 Customer type- Department Store,起订量-20件以上 Minimum Order Amount- Above 20 piece,交货周期-现货 Order Cycle Time- Immediate order,交货周期-订货 Order Cycle Time- Pre-order goods

Company Profile:

Saihananda has been engaged in cashmere industry for 30 years, covering the integration of raw materials, spinning, garment and foreign trade companies. Brand will inject natural organic cashmere raw materials into fashion, environmental protection, independent elements. Use high-quality cashmere to interpret elegant and casual design.