Shanghai Su writing Clothing Co., Ltd.

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  • Company Name: Shanghai Su writing Clothing Co., Ltd.
  • Brand Name: 素縫
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  • Address:江苏昆山市花桥经济开发区金融大道355号万科魅力花园二期87栋503室
Product Category: 中淑女装 Middle Aged Women's Wear,个性女装 Personalized Women's Wear,设计师品牌 Designer's Label
Business Demand: 交货周期 Order Cycle Time-订货Pre-order goods,起订金额 Minimum Order Amount-0-5万元0-50 Thousand RMB,起订金额 Minimum Order Amount-5-10万元50-100 Thousand RMB

Company Profile:

Suseam sewing started preparation in 2015 and went on the market in autumn 2016. It is a designer brand of Shanghai sushuo Clothing Co., Ltd. Suseam plain seam design is simple and elegant, which is simple and elegant. It pays attention to the application of simple and elegant natural color system. It makes the seemingly loose three-dimensional cutting, with exquisite version and smooth contour lines, to modify women's elegant and free posture, and pursues a peaceful and distant spiritual realm,