Ningbo WEDO Textile Technology Co., Ltd.

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  • Company Name: Ningbo WEDO Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Brand Name: 布朗·艾伦,史蒂芬·哈德森
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  • Address:宁波市鄞州区学士路655号E楼8层808室
Product Category: 男装定制 Tailoring Men’s Wear,女装定制 Tailoring Women’s Wear,配饰定制 Tailoring Accessories ,定制供应链 Supply Chain
Business Demand: 加盟商/代理商/经销商 Franchising,软件服务 Software Service

Company Profile:

“WEDO” ounded in 2016, the company's vision is to make customization a way of life, provide supply chain and operation empowerment for domestic customized stores and brands, and enable people all over the world to enjoy customized clothing.The company has established strategic cooperation with well-known domestic garment enterprises such as EVE, SHANSHAN, LAMPO,ROMON,etc., and has established cooperation partners with thousands of customized stores throughout major cities in China.