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  • Company Name: ZHEJIANG WANSHUN Clothes&Accessories CO.LTD
  • Brand Name: 琦瑞德泽
  • District:
  • Address:浙江省湖州市织里镇织浔大道888号童装产业示范园区C3六楼
Product Category: 婴幼儿装(0-3岁)0-3 Years,小中大童装(3-12岁)3-12 Years,童鞋 Kids' Shoes,儿童配饰 Kids' Accessories,帽子 Hat/Cap,围巾 Scarf,袜子 Socks & Stockings,腰带 Belt,男包 Men's Bag,女包 Women's Bag,旅行箱包 Travel Suitcase
Business Demand: 加盟商/代理商/经销商 Franchising,交货周期 Order Cycle Time-现货Immediate order,交货周期 Order Cycle Time-订货Pre-order goods,起订金额 Minimum Order Amount-0-5万元0-50 Thousand RMB,起订金额 Minimum Order Amount-5-10万元50-100 Thousand RMB,客户类型-品牌采购 Customer type- Brand Sourcing,客户类型-百货商超 Customer type- Department Store,商场百货 Department Store,购物中心 Shopping Center,电商平台 E-business,金融资本 Financial Capital,软件服务 Software Service,展具标识 Display/Logo,智能科技 Intelligent Technology,跨界合作 Cross-boundary Cooperation

Company Profile:

Zhejiang Wanshun Apparel Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. It is a clothing enterprise integrating R&D, design and brand operation. Since the establishment and launch of the registered brand "QIRUI & DEZE" at the end of 2015, the brand influence and popularity have been continuously improved; now it has a modern standard factory building of more than 30,000 square meters, more than 500 professional sewing technicians, and an annual output of more than The production capacity of 8 million fashion ch