Suzhou Gutang Dongyun Garments Co. , Ltd.

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  • Company Name: Suzhou Gutang Dongyun Garments Co. , Ltd.
  • Brand Name: 古唐东韵
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  • Address:江苏省苏州市常熟市商城中路富联商务广场B栋时尚创意设计中心4楼
Product Category: 中式女装 Traditional Chinese Style
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Company Profile:

Based on the traditional Chinese dress and technology, combined with the contemporary fashion aesthetics, the "ancient Tang Eastern charm" , which respects the natural feelings and cultural inheritance, interweaves the broad and graceful Chinese culture into every thread. Rooted in Chinese tradition, it pays attention to the fusion of classical and fashion design. No matter the overall style, or the detail depiction, it pursues the artistic conception of both form and spirit. Will be the origina