Haining Liqian Trading Co., Ltd

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  • Company Name: Haining Liqian Trading Co., Ltd
  • Brand Name: 骊千
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  • Address:浙江省海宁市钱江西路375号东二门2103
Product Category: 轻奢女装 Light Luxury,大淑女装 Mature Women's Wear,少淑女装 Ladies' Wear,中淑女装 Middle Aged Women's Wear,快时尚女装 Fast Fashion Women's Wear,个性女装 Personalized Women's Wear,中式女装 Traditional Chinese Style,电商女装 E-commerce Women's Wear,大衣/双面呢 Overcoat/Double-faced Woolen Wear,手工定制服装 Tailored Clothing,羊剪绒 Shearling,女装定制 Tailoring Women’s Wear
Business Demand: 加盟商/代理商/经销商 Franchising,联营/托管 Joint Venture/Trusteeship,商场百货 Department Store,购物中心 Shopping Center,电商平台 E-business

Company Profile:

Liqian clothing is a medium and high-end intellectual women's clothing enterprise integrating professional design, production and processing, and fabric import. Its headquarters is located in Haining, Zhejiang Province. Its main designers have studied in France for many years. They are good at catching the popular trends in Europe and the United States, and perfectly combine the beauty of the West with the softness of the East.