Shandong Zijushangzhi garment co.,Ltd

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  • Company Name: Shandong Zijushangzhi garment co.,Ltd
  • Brand Name: 子居
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  • Address:山东省济南市历城区董家镇柿子园工业园
Product Category: 正装 Business Formal ,商务休闲装 Business Casual,轻奢女装 Light Luxury,中式女装 Traditional Chinese Style,手工定制服装 Tailored Clothing,男装定制 Tailoring Men’s Wear,女装定制 Tailoring Women’s Wear
Business Demand: 加盟商/代理商/经销商 Franchising

Company Profile:

329/5000 Ziju is the first clothing brand in China dedicated to the promotion of traditional culture. Now it has the ability of chinese-style professional research, garment handwork, fabric research and development and recovery, and has the strength of high-end garment development and production, in a calm, serious, serious attitude towards the Han national dress to regain, to carry forward and promote and other aspects of the problem.