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The top of face score - natural fur


It has incomparable air permeability, falling feeling and gloss, precious and rare, unparalleled.


It has natural environmental sustainability, the main components are protein and water, even if abandoned can be completely degraded within a month, do not cause environmental pollution.


It is extremely durable, even after 10 years, the style has been old, but after the designer re-carved, it still become a beautiful work.


It is natural fur, beyond the time limit, with a wonderful touch and eternal style. A variety of factors make it become a lot of international brands, designers' fashion favorites, but also by the industry, haute fashion designers, fashion bloggers and consumers.


Fur is favored by fashion, and the fur industry plays an important role in the global consumer market.


September 25-27, the upcoming China International Garment Expo 2019 (autumn) "craftsman skin feather" exhibition area once again gathered at home and abroad high-end leather, fur, down enterprises and industry authorities to share the collection of trade, brand promotion, processing cooperation in a bright feast. Understand the new trend and trend of fur leather industry, feel the rich and colorful design new style, and experience the craftsman spirit in the delicate quality. The charm of the exhibition area of "craftsman's heart feather" blooms.




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