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The new trend of the country


At present, in the Chinese fashion circle, the "national Chao" is an intransigent Key Word.


Not only young people, middle-aged people with stronger consumption capacity are also ''brewing'' with the late 90s. The sales volume of consumers over 50 years old increased by 93%. The sales volume of ''Guohui'' clothing increased by 147% over the previous year. This is the 2018 Tide sales data disclosed by Tmall 618, and calls out the slogan ''country as the Chao''.


Li Ning's Wudao, Feng Dance, Tibetan Yi, are constantly using new trends to interpret traditional culture. C2H4LA combines minimalism and grandeur, and western street and oriental style blend. Through splicing and fabric mixing, HARSH and CRUEL grasp the popular motor wind. OSCill even bundles product sales and band tours.


These popular national fashion brands are or famous for design, or creative alone, although not every single product is as cool as a big name, at least from the design of the mind: a embroidery and a gold ratio lace are the expression of style and attitude.


From foreign Chao brands to the rise of the national Chao, who can predict the next popular element and thus resonate with young people? If you want to enter the Chinese trend market to release the power of the trend, more trendy brands are focusing on the CHIC-Young Blood trend brand exhibition.


CHICYoungBlood Trend Brand Exhibition is committed to promoting original fashion clothing, fashion lifestyle, introducingYoungBloodinto the mainstream consumer group vision, helping fashion brand make sound in the market, and let overseas brands find the path to China, to promote the trend card to connect with the dominant industrial chain resources and well-known brand group, so as to realize rapid market development and steady implementation.




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