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The theory of "Chao" culture


In the popular trend of the million people, the Chao cards began to rise and down, but some of them were from the beginning of the establishment to the present, which is due to the cultural connotation, hunger marketing, and the effects of famous people.


For example, Temple Tide Stussy originated from the skateboard surfing rap culture of the 1970s and 1980s in the United States, adopted skateboarding clothes, overalls design, and interpreted them on the street. Decades later, trendy people still love the culture and design of Stussy.


The popular trendy brand is no longer selling more than cultural design, but also trendy people's desire for personality. Vetements' CEO is a veteran: "a store can't buy more than 10 pairs of jeans, and an Italian store can't buy more than four pieces of clothing." Once you sell out of stock, you will never produce it twice. "


If the fashion products are not limited, what about the celebrity effect? yeezy, launched by Kanye West and Adidas, has become a market spoiler, with shoes priced at 1899 yuan hyped to 7000 in the secondary market. Kanye, the singer star, can also be underestimated as a trendy KOL.


Street culture makes trendy people find catharsis exit, limited scarcity grasp their taste of pursuing personality, star effect improves brand popularity, which can explain the sale of hot brand. In recent years, however, foreign tide brands have encountered competitors in the Chinese market.




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