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  • Company Name: CKLASER
  • Brand Name: 创可激光
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  • Address:广州市花都区雅瑶镇雅瑶中路63号创可激光
Product Category: 智能科技 Intelligent Technology,服装机械 Machine,展具/标识 Display/Logo
Business Demand: 智能科技 Intelligent Technology

Company Profile:

CKLASER is a company specializes in research, development, production, sales of Fiber/CO2/UV laser marking machines. We have a professional R&D team, our engineers can sincerely provide a complete laser solution for you, which assists you to solve the process problem or technical barrier. With eleven years experience in the laser manufacturing industry, we always pursue for the detail perfect and quality first. Our products exported more than 50 countries, total capacity is over 10 thousands. Pa