Guangzhou NEYO Trading Co.,Ltd.

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  • Company Name: Guangzhou NEYO Trading Co.,Ltd.
  • Brand Name: 内优堂
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  • Address:广州市越秀区广州大道中307号富力新天地C栋2808
Product Category: 袜子 Socks & Stockings
Business Demand: 交货周期 Order Cycle Time-订货Pre-order goods

Company Profile:

Independent design brand/2008 Founded in 2008 Original independent design socks brand Focus on socks design. Focus on design products that combine comfort and aesthetics, Continuously study the durability and comfort of each finished product. Professional brand ODM, we help you match suitable products. Designer team. Several independent designers joined forces to create. From drafting, pattern making, sample, correcting details, revising, revising again...until it is released.