Suzhou Jiangongfang Silk Technoiogy Culture Ltd.

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  • Company Name: Suzhou Jiangongfang Silk Technoiogy Culture Ltd.
  • Brand Name: 夕禾
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  • Address:苏州市吴中区金山南路388号熙金广场办公楼5楼513
Product Category: 围巾 Scarf,丝巾 Silk Scarf,家居生活 Home Supplies,腰带 Belt
Business Demand: 加盟商/代理商/经销商 Franchising,交货周期 Order Cycle Time-订货Pre-order goods,起订金额 Minimum Order Amount-0-5万元0-50 Thousand RMB,客户类型-品牌采购 Customer type- Brand Sourcing,客户类型-批发商 Customer type- Wholesaler,客户类型-外贸订单 Customer type- Foreign Trade Order,起订量-5件以下 Minimum Order Amount- Under 5 pieces

Company Profile:

Suzhou cocoon workshop silk technology and Culture Co., Ltd. was founded in Suzhou in 2016, and "Xihe" is its registered trademark. Light luxury silk gift service provider. Develop accessories and hand gifts related to silk. With "designer's original brand" as the core of competition, each product is presented with unique works. Close the distance between silk and customers from the perspective of beauty.