Nantong Kosan Attire Co.,Ltd.

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  • Company Name: Nantong Kosan Attire Co.,Ltd.
  • Brand Name: 诱魅
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  • Address:江苏省南通市通州区兴亭路38号(兴东镇双楼村)
Product Category: 帽子 Hat/Cap
Business Demand: 客户类型-品牌采购 Customer type- Brand Sourcing,客户类型-批发商 Customer type- Wholesaler,客户类型-百货商超 Customer type- Department Store,客户类型-外贸订单 Customer type- Foreign Trade Order,起订量-20件以上 Minimum Order Amount- Above 20 piece,交货周期-订货 Order Cycle Time- Pre-order goods,商场百货 Department Store,电商平台 E-business

Company Profile:

Division I is a design, production of baseball, fashion cap, adult cap, children's cap professional hat manufacturers.80% of the products are self-developed。Our designers have devoted a lot of effort to the selection of hat fabric to the matching of small accessories, and repeated experiments are made to build the final product.Scientific management in production and strict control of every detail.Excellent product quality and originality have won the approval of the majority of merchants